What is Happiness?

What is Happiness?


Just a great series of articles on The Science of Happiness in the Jan 17 issue of Time. I remember a few periods in my life when I was not so happy. In fact from what I can tell, I may have been depressed. I think it strikes people particularly at certain ages and at certain times in their lives. I am blogging this series of articles by Time because this particular time in my life was only begining to get bright after I endured some oppresive darkness.

How positive and idealistic are you? Lots would be good. How much rationality and minimality do you apply to horrible events in your life? Too much is bad. If you're not recognizing the bad things in your life and only minimizing and rationalizing away your feelings you are carrying around depressive states. You must learn to be happy as you've learned to be depressed. Because we do a great job of opressing people in society, we don't always recognize happiness takes work.

Some articles you can read:
Get Happy. (Cover/Mind & Body: Happiness)
Time Jan 17, 2005 v165 i3 pA1

The New Science of Happiness: What makes the human heart sing? Researchers are taking a close look. What they've found may surprise you. (Cover/Mind & Body: Happiness/The Science)(Cover Story) Claudia Wallis.

Dancing to Evolution's Tune: The good news: we're born for fun. The bad news: it's not built to last. (Cover/Mind & Body: Happiness/Viewpoint) Robert Wright.

Can Sunny Thoughts Halt Cancer? (Cover/Mind & Body: Happiness/Health/Healing) David Bjerklie.

And One More For The Road. (Notebook)(NightRiders provides a service driving home the cars of drinkers)(Brief Article) Hope Reeves, Julie Rawe.

The Paths to Pleasure: We all know what it feels like: the delight in a mouthful of chocolate, the afterglow of a good workout. A look at two systems in the brain that, with the right natural or artificial stimulus, conjure these sensations. (Cover/Mind & Body: Happiness)(Brief Article) Kristina Dell.

Learning the Yoga Way of Laughter. (Cover/Mind & Body: Happiness/Laughter/Exercise) Alex Perry.

A Smile Doesn't Always Mean Happy. (Cover/Mind & Body: Happiness/Laughter/Expressions) Michael D. Lemonick.

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