Is this me?

this is me today
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I live on gulf in Ft Myers, Fl.

I work in a library. I work to make the web, and the technologies we can access seem natural -because it is. (The present web has tools which aren't so easy to use; but they're getting better. Most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing either. I mean look at this photoshop file. A five-year old could do better.) I think of the people who work in libraries as the collective intelligence (brain), and the web as this body of connective fascia, muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments and bones. Brain+brawn=? As a whole, we could move the "library" into places it's never been.

As individuals, we will feel like leaves scattering on the wind. That’s not so bad as Jennimi and Melissa and I hug trees. Maybe we are just leaves after all. I have a vision of libraries as these special places where people connect, as these great halls of free inquiry, as these local forums for social/political events, as a connector through the web, as a place to be lazy and chat online or off. I've only begun to venture into figuring out how to tap the hidden power of libraries; but I feel strongly that what makes libraries special are the people. I work with brilliant people. Next is the technology, then the building, and of course the information (not really in that order though.)

Believe in the people. Encourage those who do not want to believe to uncover why they don't or, please move I want to advance in line so I can ride next. I am "library feet, web inches tall." I know change is coming. Change always sits down after it is done working, lets out a deep breath and says, "Now, that wasn't so bad was it?" Getting up, wondering what hit me, I say, "Nah, just surprising..." Then we both laugh.

I believe that strong, quiet, clear, dynamic leadership will come to matter as the only consistent actions that can make libraries thrive. I didn't write: save libraries. I said thrive. I meet more and more of these movers-shakers-bailiwicks-bakers every day. (Yes I know a librarian who bakes.) If you're going to library school read about leadership and put it into practice. Because you need to be a leader. Don't forget to welcome the WWW into your library, your leadership style and life; learn to play nice instead of just watching. You may be the only one who can create a sandbox where everyone can play together. And remind your staff what purpose they serve while they're at work.

I live in Ft Myers, Fl, and I live on the web, and I'm Ron Burgundy? and congrats on the new job Rachel!