How do you create more time in a time-crunched world?

How do you create more time in a time-crunched world?

Do less of the wrong things. That's takes practice and it's not something your taught. Think of it as: mastery.

Sometimes I wonder why I think I don't have time to develop other skills faster. Since completely submerging myself into the world of information and finally realizing this is what I've looked for, for a very long time, I parardoxically ( ;) ) have put pressure on myself to get "2.0-ed"

So I need to learn how to code, navigate, tag, manage, link, write, think, organize, develop, track, define, all things www, internet, web, and electronic related because I've been disconnected from it for a long time. Daunting I tell ya. I barely get how to write basic html and here I am trying to figure out to convince people to go Open Source whenever possible and that we can just write our own code when we need it.

Even when I was connected way back in 1996, I never did more than customize Word. Ten years later I finally begin my education. And I want to run up Mt Kilimanjaro.

And I like it.

On another note: I train in Olympic style weightlifting Monday nights; Tuesday I practice Aikido and Wednesday I sit with the Empty Field Zen Group; Thursday is Aikido again; Friday I try to swim like a dolphin but it's more like a rock; Wednesday and Friday at 1:00 pm I do Ashtanga Yoga with my friend Renee or we walk; everyday I work at becoming more peaceful; work on my blog and running it on a tiddlywiki; I'm working towards squaring things away for library school; I'm developing my writing cuz I write like poohph; learning how to use OpenOffice, Gimp, portable apps, and a plethora of other open source software; really read all those books I've listed; be involved in this "UU" thing; develop my library leadership institute; switch to voip/sip/skype/openwengo; maximize the/my use of the technology I've bought.

Alos, read Mastery, ISBN: 0452267560; Total Immersion, ISBN: 0743253434; and ChiRunning, ISBN: 074325144X -which I'm aiming to read.

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