What is a BugAThon?

The Gecko BugAThon: "What is the BugAThon? (A call for volunteers)

Without help, the number of bugs submitted in the core areas of Gecko (Mozilla's Web display engine), such as the DOM, CSS, Layout etc. would overwhelm the developers.

Do you care about Web standards? Do you hate working around browser bugs? Don't just stand there--with engineers bleeding by the side of the road, are you going to be the Pharisee or the Good Samaritan?

You can help, and you don't need to be a C++ programmer! Simplifying bug reports to the simplest possible test case doesn't take too long per bug, but when you've got this many bugs, it really adds up. And every hour Gecko engineers spend decomposing bug reports is an hour they can't spend on FIXING bugs. The more bugs that are simplified, the faster Gecko engineers can fix them, and the fewer bugs there'll be!

Writing a testcase is the best and most productive way to vote for a bug. Overworked engineers tend to focus on bug's with testcases. If a bug bothers you, why it does still not have a testcase?"

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