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From googleblog:

The "un-conference" format let attendees decide session topics

At Google we're inspired by efforts to connect people to the political process, to useful public information and to their governments — and we're eager to participate. To hear more about the different kinds of bottom-up change proposed at Transparency Camp, head to the Google Open Source blog for a summary by Clay Johnson from the Sunlight Foundation.

[Web4lib] Firefox plugin Recap to provide free public access to PACER material

-News from a listserv via Robert Malesko

An interesting development in accessing public court records
out of the Center for Information Technology at Princeton University.

Accessing US court material from PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic
Records) currently requires a credit card and charges 8¢ per page; accessing the same records from the Recap repository are free.

Recap, a Firefox plugin, uploads to a public repository (hosted by the Internet Archive) a copy of
items retrieved from PACER. It also notifies a user if requested PACER records have
already been uploaded. https://www.recapthelaw.org/


A book recommendation for people who love life

I'm borrowing this statement and modifying a bit but: I can neatly define my reading epochs this way. There are books I read before The Places In Between and books I will read after The Places In Between. It cleaves my reading life into two new fresh epochs.

This story is phenomenal. Perhaps a recommendation for the book that gets selected -for Freshman I think it is.


Yet, I think we all enjoy books for our own reasons.