Why not think more like a patron?

Why not think more like a patron
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Why did I never hear from the ILL department?
3 months later: In under one week, I obtained this article from another ILL department.

How many patrons are that persistent? How many have been silently frustrated? Why can't we anticipate or adumbrate or predict our patrons' desires? Why do empathize so little with our patrons’ information needs? Why not think more like a patron and less like a librarian? There are ways we can get peoples' information attention -since we have both skill sets: librarian & patron we should be able to meet their needs before they know they have a need.

Why do we force patrons to think like us? When we hate that very thing in other organizations, like the DMV, Health care, Banking?


Why does positioning matter?

great food 1
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In the Way of the Gun, they talk about this and over at the Sushi Economy -they're talking about it too. Worth a look.

Why not consultation cubicles instead of reference desk? oooohhh.

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To create a space to work together is pretty neat -this recognizes the fact & returns to the value that: in libraries we are all equal.

Check out the size of the monitor and the space it's in.

Be sure to humanly advertise your services: we are supposed to be about people.

Let's finish with some signs that work, actively.


Have you edited your Wikipedia entry?

Students want a library
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Your entry is meant to be informative about the Library in general. I bet your library has awesome resources, great people working there (Hmm, imagining an entry on the actual personalities now ), and a rich history. Portray your unique history -even if it's not deep or long or ivy- the curious or casual browser may become enamored with what they learn about the library; they may learn that libraries are these fascinating places where bytes and bricks can meet. You never know when you are going to bring the library into someone's life.

I would bet money that schools and therefore other parts of a school do get looked up on Wikipedia. Since we are one of the items students consider when selecting a school maintaining presence makes sense.

"On students' must-see list during college visits were buildings housing their major, said 56.8 percent of respondents. Rounding out the top five were residence halls at 53.1 percent, the library at 48.4 percent, classrooms at 46 percent, and technology facilities at 40 percent."
http://chronicle.com/weekly /v52/i40/40a02701.htm

Above all else: avoid library-speak in your entry. Make it human-readable.


What will you do next?

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Work towards mindfulness in the world of information. reDiscover a feeling of fascination & then suddenly snap back to embracing ideas as a source to make everything new again. It's not old or new. It's old+new=the middle way.

Often, we forget to think about ideas through the eyes of other people. Not everyone has the time, to think about why, you think a database is better than a search engine. Should they have too?

What’s 5tothenext?

What’s 5tothenext?
Just building on this idea from here.

> Open your mind. The greatest power you can develop in your life is the ability to keep an open mind about everything while understanding there are some things not open to interpretation. What’s the first rule here? Life is a paradox. Some things change. Others like “I’m sorry, how can I help you, please forgive me, I forgive you, how can I love you better”, don’t change.

> Enrich your spirit. Know that the only religion is kindness. Peace is the goal. Contentment with the outcome along the way is the practice. And acting compassionately brings all this into our world.

> Mind the earth. This space is not for you but for those coming after you. Imagine all the people who will thank you long after you’re gone.

> Challenge your body. Unlock the depths of who you are through exhaustion of your impermanent body; realizing we all have limits reminds us of our humanity. You can work out for that chocolate chip cookie too –but think bigger.

> Know what success is not.
1. Understand the only control you have in life is control over your self.
2. Understand the only constant is change & that this is good. One day your up, one day your down. Through all the changes, be content.


Wired Cover (+my own photoshop additions)

And further inspiration.


Why should you increase beyond one monitor?

Why should you increase beyond one monitor?
That picture is a 19" wide screen monitor. What I held up over it was an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. It's obvious, (isn't it), to think you can manage complex amounts of data through a square portal barely larger than a sheet of paper successfully, is just ccccrrraaazzzzy. No wonder we have a hard time interacting with computers.

Stay with me. Take out a sheet of paper and place it on your desk. Now, for the rest of the day that's the surface space you can work on. How long would it be before you got lost, distracted, overwhelmed, etc...?
Help me; become an advocate for multiple monitors.

1. PARC:
Wideband visual interfaces

2. 30 Inch Cinema Display [may] Boost Productivity up to 73%

3. Two Screens Are Better Than One

4. The Virtues of a Second Screen

Monitor becomes hot-swappable
Examples of massive multiple monitor displays
7. Microsoft:
Expand your workspace with multiple monitors
8. Two 19" monitors will cost around 400-500 bucks. I'm saving up for three and am still thinking about the size combination.

xx. Dream on.

What do you do, everyday?

What do you do, everyday?
I self-medicate by working out to reduce stress, anxiety, apathy, and malaise. I like to eat too.

Are we having the going paperless conversation again?

Are we having the "going paperless" conversation again?
Yes, Matt & I are again having the conversation.

Lee says:
"...I'm moving back into the "paperless realm " thoughts yet again -how paperless are you?"

Matt says:
"...Oh, the irony...disregard my last email (trying something new with the tabletPC and it jacked up my electronic-handwritten, text). This is a reprint:
...Oh boy...Where do I begin. As you know I have taken steps to go paperless but I have backed off (I recently purchased some paper-books) for 4 reasons:
1. You need a good ($350.00) sheet fed scanner
2. There needs to be a portable, durable, cheap, and long lasting (in terms of battery) viewing solution--perhaps e-ink. None exist yet.
3. Something needs to be done about my energy concerns. We (as a country) may be headed towards a "rolling blackout" situation (No, I do not think we are doomed or anything near as drastic--but I do feel that our quality of life will diminish over the next century). If that happens...then what?
4. I hate being a slave to technology. It consumes so much time out of my day...simplify!
This is not to say you shouldn't get/use a tablet (get a used or refurbished one). Quite the contrary...a tablet is still the best first step and is...freakin' awesome to use!
However those 3 aforementioned issues need to be addressed...
It would be tough trying to tell the other 90% to go paperless.
SEVENTY PERCENT OF PEOPLE IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD HAVE NO ACCESS TO ELECTRICITY IN THEIR HOMES, HEALTH CLINICS, OR SCHOOLS...I am not trying to sound snide--just addressing one of my concerns about being "paperless." What goes up must come down...so I think it is fair to say that America is at the peak of its extravagances (yes this sentence is both a Non-Sequiter and straw man argument rolled into one :) Perhaps we should strive to go paperless in a different way: simply consume less to begin with and reuse what we already have. I know I am a failure at this (Hell, as I write this---I am considering buying an Ipod. I am a freakin hypocrite!)
Oh, and surround yourself with good people...it will help you to do the right thing..."


Where do you go for context?

Where do you go for context?


Thanks for the link Matt. We do have it pretty darn good.

"Who was shot in Dallas?" [op ed question]

"Who was shot in Dallas?" [op ed question]
Here's a great op ed piece.