Fwd: London Unveils Sleek Zero-Emission Double Decker Buses


via INHABITAT by Jorge Chapa on 12/23/08

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Recently the London Transportation Department held a contest to redesign the iconic Double Decker bus, and we're excited to announce the winning entry by renowned architects Foster + Partners! They've created a zero-emissions, super accessible, and environmentally innovative double decker bus that heralds a new era of sustainable public transportation for London.


Fwd: Free the metadata!

via Joho the Blog by davidw on 12/23/08

The University of Huddersfield is making publicly available the metadata about the circulation of its books — 3 million transactions — over the past thirteen years. This includes a book's ISBN, number of times it's been checked out, by which academic department. (It does not include information about individual borrowers.)

BTW, the library used LibraryThing's ISBN lookup service to derive some of the ISBNs, and it includes "FRBR-ish" data, i.e., other books that may be closely related.

(Thanks to Seb Schmoller's post for the tip.)