What is this all about?

What's this about? Remove church and put in whatever word helps you realize the value of connecting to people in a deep and authentic way. How do you do that?
1. Read the quote.
2. Act on the quote.
3. Repeat until it clicks.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Fort Myers: "You've got to settle on a church and throw your life into it, and build it up. Who would want to go to a picnic all the time and eat out of other's people's baskets? It's our obligation as members of one church to give ourselves to it. The church is the only hope of peace and goodwill to people that exists among us. It is the last hope of the earth, and yours is a high and holy opportunity to support it with undeviating loyalty.'

Poet Carl Sandburg
(who rang bell for Universalist church in Galesburg, Illinois)"

If you don't like the word church, re-invent it -I don't particularly care for it; if you don't know that lost causes are the only ones worth fighting for, then wake up.

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