Isn't this a newly recognized form of power?

Isn't this a newly recognized form of power? What's interesting is how you think about these tastemakers. Mark Twain says whenever you find yourself on the majority you need to stop and think. What if you don't know your on the majority? How do you know what you don't know? You start by questioning why you think you like certain things. You start by breaking down your mental models of beliefs, values, ethics, or ideas. If you're only building up the walls of Jericho to defend what you believe how long is it before those beliefs crush anyone in your way or crush you? All types of architects from information_architects to civil architects need to consider their "tastes."

The Tastemakers - Forbes.com: "Forbes.com selected ten individuals who have made the greatest creative contributions (or continued to make great contributions) to their respective fields over the past year."

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