What is to come?

Are libraries and librarians relevant? Are libraries needed? Are libraries outdated? Are libraries old-fashioned? Are libraries necessary? Are libraries obsolete? Are libraries dead? Are libraries good for anything anymore?

Yes, yes they are. Not because I have vested interest in seeing my profession continue (while that's not totally irrelevant) but because the library profession must become the transcendent bridge between old world information and new world information. I am a blended librarian as much as I am a transcendent-information-professional. Transcendent means: to cross what seems to be a limitless chasm.

Katz has this to say: "The Reference desk ...[read library]... in it's present form no longer is important. Granted a central point is needed to answer directional queries, as well as short reference questions, but beyond that the old ...[library]... will be modified into an electronic data center ...[or an information collaboration center]..."
ISBN 0070342776

Bell and Shank say this:
LearningTimes Network: Library Online Community: "The Blended Librarian: A Manifesto for Redefining the Role of the Academic Librarian for 21st Century Higher Education "


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