How can you speed up your OODA loop?

How can you speed up your OODA loop?

First, Orientate. Then, act. Google it -if you don't know what an OODA loop is.

Librarians & IM
"...Please take just a few moments to complete this little survey about librarians and IM. I'm doing some background work for a brief talk at Computers in Libraries 2006 as well as collecting some data for my upcoming Library Technology Report 'Web 2.0 & Libraries: Best Practices for Social Software.' I'm interested to see how many librarians are using IM at their desks to communicate with colleagues and as a reference point.
Thanks! :-) ..."

So, I IM and use it to talk to different departments all over the university and to people in my own department -the library.

Meebo's an ajax web-based aggregator of IM Names/clients; Therefore, you install no software. Goto their website, sign-in and your IMIMIMIMIMIM-minng. I have some purely pratical techniques for using meebo that work great. Like it's the only site I use in IE because when you get a new message the task bar flashes -but if you're in Firefox and launch meebo in a tab, you can't see when someone sends you a new message. Get it? I know I'm assuming a lot of things about that whole process: like, you're using Firefox right?

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