The ideals of a democratic society?

What builds the ideals of a democratic society?

Libraries do. Get it?

Document View: "Libraries build ideals of democratic society

"I will preface my letter by informing you that I am a local architect and a partner of a firm that is working on a portion of the proposed library project. Unlike many who have entered the debate, I am willing to inform people of my position and relationship to this project.

As a taxpayer, I am willing to pay for this project, and I would do so even if my firm was not working on the project. Libraries are the last public entities to build on the true ideals of a democratic society. Our democracy depends on the sharing of knowledge and our libraries and their architecture speak well of a community's pride while reinforcing our community values as an educated society.

I am most disturbed that the president of our local school board has chosen to speak out against this project. I am concerned that our tax watch associations are also against this project, and seem more interested in self-promotion rather than accurate dissemination of information. This community has constantly missed opportunities to build on and promote its success. We are failing to envision our potential and build toward a progressive future, choosing instead to retreat from change and challenges when it comes to urban planning and public projects.

We always frame these debates by only looking at the bottom line for capital expense and with no consideration to the future development such as an investment would make. It is no wonder that young people continue to leave this community for other places that embrace change and build toward success.

The citizens of Allen County need to put our money where our mouths are, and our nationally recognized library is a sound place to make such an investment on our future."

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