The Paradox of Writing Apprehension

If you can't write well, can you read and comprehend with fluency/literacy? Would an increased ability to write contribute to information fluency?


Often I hear this statement, "I don't like to read," then followed quickly by, "now, can you just find me a source for my paper," which if you haven't figured what I think, are intimately tied together. Better writers are better readers and understand that their ability to write well is contributed to by their ability to read. If reading is fundamental to writing, then what prevents one or the other from developing?

This article says self-talk determines the outcome of ones abilities. Th authors are write/right. I know this from experience. I've actually used Autogenic Training to master other changes I need to make within myself. AT is just a specific form of self-talk.


"Writing apprenesion is a manifestion of evaluation anxiety and apperas to have much in common with test anxiety. Like test anxiety, it is mediated by negative self-talk."

Reading apprehensives could be doing the same thing. There could also be a mixed type that is apprehensive about both reading and writing. Imagine the consequences: a whole generation of learners that think writing, reading, mathematics is some inborn skill. Rather than talent we all possess which can be cultivated.

Source that points to this question:
"Madigan, R., Linton, P., & Johnson, S. (1996). The Paradox of Writing Apprehension. In C. Levy & S. Ransdell (Eds.) The Science of Writing: Theories, Methods, Individual Differences and Applications. New Jersey: Laurence Erlbaum Associates"
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