Social Networks Bound Into Enterprises on Trampoline Systems’ SONAR Dashboard


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At the risk of being slightly self-incriminating, any diligent office worker within a certain age bracket would probably admit to occasionally venturing onto Facebook to indulge in a little nonwork-related social networking, even during working hours. Far from decrying such habits as hampering workplace productivity, Charles Armstrong, CEO for Trampoline Systems (www.trampolinesystems.com), believes that worker familiarity with and affinity for the ubiquitous social networking site actually enhances their abilities to complete their job functions effectively … once they employ Trampoline Systems' new product, SONAR Dashboard. Introduced on Tuesday during the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, SONAR Dashboard applies the familiar Facebook schema to an enterprise environment. The company alternatively bills the product as "Facebook for the enterprise" and as the first "intelligent" social network for business.


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