Cool: Update on the Big Bang: Re-imagining the Library

Here's the Executive Summary:

This Plan outlines the way in which we will embrace new opportunities in service delivery. We will be active, leading, visionary and collaborative in meeting the challenges ahead.

What does change look like?

Our new vision is:

In collaboration, the National, State and Territory Libraries of Australia and New Zealand will become leaders in empowering people to create, discover, use and transform our collections, content and global information resources.

We will deliver this vision through three strategies:

· One Library will put the user at the centre. We will redefine services providing users with a consistent and easy experience across our libraries.

· Transforming Our Culture will transform our culture and workplace. We will promote a new culture which supports new services and emerging technologies.

· Accessible Content sees collaboration as the key to liberating our content. We will empower our users to find, share and create content.

How do we get there?

There are ten projects within the NSLA Re-imagining Library Services Strategic Plan:

  1. Just do it! – initiatives to improve services immediately
  2. Open borders – opening up access to e-resources across our libraries
  3. Virtual reference – integrating virtual reference as a core function, with a new business and resourcing model
  4. Delivery – developing a standard service model for user-requested document supply
  5. User-created content – identifying and implementing a framework and tool set for our users to create and transform online content
  6. Changing capability and culture – developing a framework for new work environments
  7. Collaborative collecting – delivering efficiencies through collaborative collecting
  8. Scaling up digitisation – developing collaborative business models for shared digitisation
  9. New metadata services – stimulating metadata contribution and developing effective strategies to place resources in non-library discovery tools
  10. Discovering content – making collection holdings visible through Libraries Australia / LibrariesNZ and linking our content to internet resources

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