What do conversations, wireless & personal connections have in common...with libraries?

move those feet
I look for humanity's need to be social as it's tied to technology in the information world, especially the way libraries could become significantly more important in so many peoples' lives in so many simple ways. It's not that libraries can't adapt, it's often that people won't adopt new ways of being without realizing they don't have to change.

Some neat stuff out there; these entries highlight how the online/off line world is becoming seamless through conversations, wireless, and age-old art of finding connections.
Like "...Can we not be very excited about the cool Web-based applications that emerge each day ..." And the people who are "...Reading A Measure of Faith, by Maxine Billings . She bought it where she buys all of her books...She goes about twice a month and buys about fifteen or twenty books--black authors, historical fiction, erotica. Yes, you can buy erotica at Walmart...." or when you read this post, think about the design of anything in a library ; actually, think about something you really like in library buildings and see if you can name 5 points about what's wrong with what you like -that's right, not what you think is right about it but, what is wrong with what you like.

How do you do outreach?
-half-page weekly advertisement in student newspaper or any newspaper
-guerrilla marketing tactics to frats & sororities & Kiwanis & Rotary & Mad Hatters
-embedded librarians in various places besides libraries from 11-1 every day

Be open my library friends.

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