What are the 3 changes that can be made right now?

the 14 year old shirt

1. Free Willy: make reference useful in the age of Wikipedia
  • Reduce reference collection by 90%
  • Create new "Reading" reference area much like the way periodicals are displayed
  • Peel back the layers of inaccessibility that exist in the Reference section

2. Kramer vs Kramer: down with one broken cataloging system
  • Keep our systems of organization separate from how users/patrons/customers browse for books
  • Entire library should be infinitely, serendipitously browse-able while giving exact locations for items that don't confuse users
  • This means a back end for the cataloging/categorizing freaks & a front for the findability & learnability freaks like me

3. Face-Off: turn the library into the sum of its parts
  • Create spaces for freelancing workers, small business owners to hold bi-weekly meetings
  • Offer early opening hours to Rotary groups & other social orgs even Girl Scout cookie sales
  • Encourage local government & businesses to hold networking functions at library

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