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From: "Walter Wale" <walterwale007@msn.com>
Date: May 6, 2009 2:33 PM

Valued Attention :
Compliments of the season to you, We are using this medium to communicate with you that the board and the directors of Ecowas and the British High Commission from the DEBT SETTLEMENT UNIT are working seriously with the Europian Union authorities to ensure that you are partially settled with the flat sum of One Million Five Hundred United States Dollars ($1.5 Million) being for the compensation of all the money you wasted and problems created to you by some corrupt officials from this Sub Region of the World, who collided with some imposters to victimize innocent masses.
Presently, I am mandated to inform you that the authorities are ready to pay all the people who were victimized by those corrupt officials according to the order of the human right commision. So, be notified that your names are among the 15 names in the first batch who are to receive the first payment, but it is left for you as the beneficairy to show your interest on the fund by forwarding to the payment department of the western union in Benin all your current information and data so as the enable him forward them to the organizing board to endorse for the swift release and payment of your fund via a Western Union from Benin Republic.

Equip them with your under listed current information to enhance a fast communication to you by the payment department for a rapid submission and confirmation of your name for your payment by the asigned Western Union Bank:
Your complete names
Telephone Numbers
Age and Marital Status
The aforemention informations are very vital to propel this payment without any further delay by the Western Union as soon as your information is submited and stabilzed in the debt clearance data base. CONTACT THE WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER WITH THIS INFO.

E-mail: w.union_moneyt@bk.ru
Phone number + 22993 00 28 40.
Contact Person: Dr collins Nelson
However, be informed earlier that you will only pay the sum of Two hundred and eighty five Euros €285 to them for the procession of all your file and reprogramming of your information for payment.
Yours Sincerely,
Mr Walter wale
For and on behalf of the Debt Settlement Board
Lot 620 St. Terita
Benin Republic


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