Fwd: FW: Become an expert IT panelist, shape the future of IT, and receive prizes!

Really? You want me...


Subject: Become an expert IT panelist, shape the future of IT, and receive prizes!

Based on your profile as an IT professional and decision maker, we
would like to invite you to participate as an expert IT survey
panelist. As a panelist, you will have the opportunity to share your
perspective on key IT products and industry trends and in return, you
will receive rewards and prizes.

Click here to register as an expert IT survey panelist:

Specifically designed for IT influencers, this panel is comprised of
IT pros, like yourself, who work for leading companies, and would
like to help influence the course of technology in 2009.

Click here to help shape the development of IT products and services:

In appreciation for your participation, you will receive points that
can be redeemed for a range of prizes including digital cameras,
Bluetooth accessories, iPods, popular movies, books, music, gift
cards and more.

Please note that any input that you provide will be completely
anonymous and to receive points and rewards, we will need valid
information from all panelists.

This survey is created by ZoomPanel, part of MarketTools, Inc; a
leading market research firm that works with the world's leading IT
companies. Click here to view ZoomPanel's privacy policy:


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