went with the G1

Love it.

Some good insights into the software platform, Android.

Me unpacking the G1.

Benefits and drawbacks just like the iphone too. Overall, I'd never go back to an average cellphone -ever.  I do a lot online communicating though via social sites, send a lot of text messages and manage nearly all my appointments and contact information online. With Android being built for this online environment, all of these go extremely well.

Making calls is a freaking breeze; Message status indicators are simply awesome.

I had T-mobile already so I got one heck of deal on the price of the phone.  It really feels like a minicomputer -I'm sure the iPhone feels this way too.


"We are born to learn, but somewhere along the way many of us pick up the idea that we must be taught in order to learn. We think that if someone doesn't stand up in front of us and talk to us with either a chalkboard or PowerPoint slides, we cannot learn. We must regain our sense of wonder and our desire to learn."   --R.Tennant, "Strategies for Keeping Current," Library Journal, 9/15/2003, p.28.

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