call from 641-715-3900

There seems to some fear around November 4th and this message.  Got a mod'd version of it through a text message.


Today I have received four of the same message texted to me from the email address mission@mission4christ.org. It reads thus:

"(You gotta hear this) Call 641-715-3900 then ext. 21657 wow, reality check. After you listen to it, send it, you know someone who needs to hear it."

This is bugging the hell out of me because 1.) I don't like unsolicited text messages or advertising and 2.) I *especially* don't like unsolicited religious text messages. It isn't from a website I've put my phone number in because the rest of my family has been receiving them all morning too (one woke me up, by the way, which is part of the reason I'm angry.) I looked for an option to block it in my phone (a blackberry 7250), but I think it's a bigger problem than that since my parents are receiving them too.

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