What’s 5tothenext?

What’s 5tothenext?
Just building on this idea from here.

> Open your mind. The greatest power you can develop in your life is the ability to keep an open mind about everything while understanding there are some things not open to interpretation. What’s the first rule here? Life is a paradox. Some things change. Others like “I’m sorry, how can I help you, please forgive me, I forgive you, how can I love you better”, don’t change.

> Enrich your spirit. Know that the only religion is kindness. Peace is the goal. Contentment with the outcome along the way is the practice. And acting compassionately brings all this into our world.

> Mind the earth. This space is not for you but for those coming after you. Imagine all the people who will thank you long after you’re gone.

> Challenge your body. Unlock the depths of who you are through exhaustion of your impermanent body; realizing we all have limits reminds us of our humanity. You can work out for that chocolate chip cookie too –but think bigger.

> Know what success is not.
1. Understand the only control you have in life is control over your self.
2. Understand the only constant is change & that this is good. One day your up, one day your down. Through all the changes, be content.


Wired Cover (+my own photoshop additions)

And further inspiration.

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