Are we having the going paperless conversation again?

Are we having the "going paperless" conversation again?
Yes, Matt & I are again having the conversation.

Lee says:
"...I'm moving back into the "paperless realm " thoughts yet again -how paperless are you?"

Matt says:
"...Oh, the irony...disregard my last email (trying something new with the tabletPC and it jacked up my electronic-handwritten, text). This is a reprint:
...Oh boy...Where do I begin. As you know I have taken steps to go paperless but I have backed off (I recently purchased some paper-books) for 4 reasons:
1. You need a good ($350.00) sheet fed scanner
2. There needs to be a portable, durable, cheap, and long lasting (in terms of battery) viewing solution--perhaps e-ink. None exist yet.
3. Something needs to be done about my energy concerns. We (as a country) may be headed towards a "rolling blackout" situation (No, I do not think we are doomed or anything near as drastic--but I do feel that our quality of life will diminish over the next century). If that happens...then what?
4. I hate being a slave to technology. It consumes so much time out of my day...simplify!
This is not to say you shouldn't get/use a tablet (get a used or refurbished one). Quite the contrary...a tablet is still the best first step and is...freakin' awesome to use!
However those 3 aforementioned issues need to be addressed...
It would be tough trying to tell the other 90% to go paperless.
SEVENTY PERCENT OF PEOPLE IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD HAVE NO ACCESS TO ELECTRICITY IN THEIR HOMES, HEALTH CLINICS, OR SCHOOLS...I am not trying to sound snide--just addressing one of my concerns about being "paperless." What goes up must come down...so I think it is fair to say that America is at the peak of its extravagances (yes this sentence is both a Non-Sequiter and straw man argument rolled into one :) Perhaps we should strive to go paperless in a different way: simply consume less to begin with and reuse what we already have. I know I am a failure at this (Hell, as I write this---I am considering buying an Ipod. I am a freakin hypocrite!)
Oh, and surround yourself with good people...it will help you to do the right thing..."

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