What's new stuff to think about?

Stuff that came up for classes:

1. Classmate said libraries shouldn't try new things. Response by me:

" Libraries still matter and how they embrace change really matters. There is a whole host of research coming about the "library as place" as an "information commons" as a "social/cultural/civic/media center for community" as a "culture of participation" -it's an exciting time for libraries that realize the needs are many, the places few, and the reason to change (and change quickly) is to remain relevant. Many cities, counties, universities and colleges have closed the doors and gutted a part of their soul: the library, for libraries were seen as useless, dusty stacks taking up a square foot of space (any true administrator thinks in cost per square foot and how to maximize this.) Libraries must find new ways to add value. The one great thing about libraries is that they can change -while still meeting current needs."

only in a european library -maybe in NYPL
2. In Europe, they showcase the Devil's Bible. Here we ban books and consider a folk tale book obscene. Fortunately, they're are some sane people in the town who actually recommend reading banned books. Read some more thoughts on it.

3. Leadership is about preventing things that should not happen. While it's a leap and I don't know all the facts and yes I'm getting into the game late but how is it that we do not have a network that any library or library system can tap into for emergency help?

Far-fetched? Let met tell about this place that gives you things for free allowing you to get rich and even when you return them, you're still richer. Crazy right? What kind of world are we living when we let a little piece of ourselves die quietly? Where's the net to catch the weak; where are the strong and passionate to rally round the fallen, where was I when the last book drop was locked?

WoS Scopus Google Scholar
4. Oh how I love to teach the lazy, the I don't care the too--busy researcher and the deeply thorough researcher about ways to mine citation data. I also like to learn myself about the accuracy and efficiency of WoS, Google Scholar, and Scopus.

Carr 2003 IT Doesn't Matter
5. IT don't matter! or does it for libraries? Next up, the greatest use libraries can make of technology is the strategic use of IT. Don't just buy more "Internet terminals" rather make technology your b....[deletes derogatory word]...most beneficial tool.

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