What is next for the social library?

do-more,-do-less lee.

1. Advance your own agenda less, help a coworker bring out the best ideas they have, more.
2. Embrace the "No Asshole" rule. That's not meant to be vulgar.
3. Learn what is the killer app: love.
4. Mastery & beginner's mind will save you every time: Learn, Learn, Learn & Learn.
5. There are no meaningless conversations. Yes, some cell phone conversations would be better relegated to cell phone booths.
6. Build socialness into your entire virtual/physical structures & expose the seams to let your users know you know what doesn't work: think transparency 2.0. (This point is a little ahead of its time.)
7. Share, combine, focus the efforts of our library world. We are not alone in needing to reduce expenses, raise funding, minimize mistakes, and capitalize on our collective intelligence.

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