What makes an e-book work?

1. Unlimited, concurrent electronic editions -but most vendors limit the number of users or the number of connections simultaneously

2. Most e-books are not important to users unless they are as easy to navigate as Amazon.com or O'reilly

3. What are electronic monographs and why do we insist on creating an air of superiority over our users by using words they don't know, don't care about and shouldn't have to be faced with?

4. e-Book and e-journal transactions (again why can't we say what people are really looking for... like articles and books) are about obtaining a piece of information from those document formats. Therefore they should be taggable, snaggable, citation-enabled/enhanced, hyperlinked, cross-ref'd, and full-text searchable and semantically categorized

5. Library users will discover e-Books through search engines. This is a fact. I've watched people actually type "your library's name and the name of the book they are looking for" -into a search box, in a search engine to find a book they need --or an article!

Why is it so hard for librarians to empathize? I'm starting to deeply comprehend why all the great masters are right ;) ...

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