Why avoid learning about the story?

Why avoid learning about the story?
I’m not at that “there” either. (The I don't want to go there, there.) I know you probably know I’m not a CNN news junkie jonesin’ for my fix. Or for that matter have morbid fixation on the massacre. I am interested in this affair not the psycho killer, (as the excellent story on NPR reminded me this morning), because if you don’t understand why people live in fear, I believe (among other reasons like mental disorders), then you can’t help them live in peace. That story was so good I sat in my car as my eyes welled up for those students who were murdered as they simply were trying to find some meaning in this weird world we live in.

It took me awhile to find this story; certainly worth a listen.
Nation: Families of Room 211 Survivors Tell Their Story: by David Greene

Then maybe you decide to take up Aikido. Take a look at these Yagyu bokkens.

"The Yagyu bokken is a sword of finesse and evasion. The techniques of the Yagyu Ryu involve moving into positions quickly and lightly. This wooden sword is very thin and fast and not oriented to influencing the path of another weapon through heavy contact. These weapons are shaped to the same specifications as the more expensive hand cut Yagyu bokken but are offered in wood grade levels 3 - 5 and have a more economical sanded finish."

Price: $65.00
The total cost is actually going to be 85.00 as we need a higher impact wood grade (5).

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