And what are you doing that's so great?

Question: what are you doing that's so great?

"Insuring that we keep rural America prospering is an important goal for our country...(M)any of the solutions to the challenges we face as a nation can be found in our small towns and rural areas..It's time to create jobs...[and]...renew the promise of rural communities ..."
( Read Senator Clinton's major address on the challenges facing rural communities delivered on July 31, 2006 in Lockport, NY. )

The Rural Investment to Strengthen our Economy Act (Rural RISE Act) and The School Food Fresh Act promise great actions.  While I want to be skepitical saying, "we'll see what happens," this constricting belief coaxes would-be activists into the deadly sleep of apathy; once you are apathetic, you are dead.  Easily recongnized those dejected souls, once supporters of these measures, become idle bystanders.  Doing so these Acts fail.  Then, those souls see the lies they tell themselves become true reality.  It truly does not matter if this time around if these acts pass or make an impact.  What truly matters is that we do something.  The rural US is dying We hemorrhage towards a slow death through the hearts of our small towns.

Technology may not be the cure for everything but technology could lead to us to a better cure.  The Rural RISE Act and School Fresh Food act say to the corporate bullies and flim-flam politicos:  we're not going take the your sloppy assuagements as a way to live.  Instead we will demand a better system be offered to us: a view of life that is progessive, new, gives information technologies "access powers" where it can create the most value and allows full reciprocity should we want to return to beautifully metronomic pace of small towns.  Instead we will demand to be restored in our hearts (our rural towns) and our bodies (the children who are being fed lower quality foods than you would feed animals at times.)  It's disturbing to think we consider our children the future strength of our nation and do not provide viable sustenance nor universal health insurance until young adulthood.

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