Working too much, living too little?

Are you working too much and living too little?

Don’t worry: if you live in the United States, you are working too much and living too little. I know most people are living to little because those same people are overworked doing jobs they don’t love. How can you be living well when you don’t have energy to even care about what unfolds in the daily world let alone your own life? What is the statistic about job satisfaction among American workers? Roughly, 90%+ would leave their jobs for another. Slow down now as you think about this question: when have you set as a directive in your life: I will learn to live well. Have you asked yourself, do I live well? What does it mean to live well? What can I do to help people I love to live better?

Consider this: most people think the other driver on the road is the idiot -that one driver who is always on the cellphone, not using a blinker, backing up without looking, making a dangerous turn, speeding, etc. But, they never stop to think, as a driver, they’ve done all those things -multiple times. And, those drivers also never stop to think just because they’ve driven for X number of years or never had an accident or never been pulled over that they drive supremely well. Yet, those drivers don’t take refresher classes, improvement classes, advanced driving classes, skill assessments, read books on driving improvement, attend lectures on the latest driving techniques, have someone evaluate their driving or ever revisit the skills they learned at 15.6 years of age to see how well they drive now.

What do they forget and perhaps have never learned: unless you actively work at being and becoming better at a task, you could do something for 40,000 years and not be doing any better than when you started doing that task. That by the way is a proper use of then and than -an egregious english grammar error I see more times than I care to count. Unless you think I possess a false hubris, don’t worry, I’m sure there is typo somewhere in my posts and some, verbosity. Mull those questions like veggies in crockpot awhile, while asking yourself: what did I do to improve the lives of others today?

For you are here with no other reason.

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