Are you medival?

Are you medival?


Don’t believe me? Just watch.

First, my roommate over the summer, Jeremy, shot video of of me with his Casio Exilim . Then I downloaded it to my laptop. (It’s a Dell; I don’t have much to say about their laptops and feel I’ve said enough already since I just admitted to using one.) Next, I converted it to an MPG-1 using FX Mpg Writer . This format is close to universal and smugmug requests you upload in this format. “Requests” is a nice way of saying they prefer to make things easy and converting it with FX was, easy. If you can’t see the video you need: 1) an updated version of Windows Media Player or an updated version of Quicktime. 2) You may need a browser upgrade. If you haven’t yet switched to Firefox, you must. Commence hacking the web after that. And with that said, I still occasionally access something using Internet Explorer -but not by choice.

Check me out; I’m medieval -not a lot of people can say that. I blog and I scythe.


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