"Nissan’s Forest AC keeps drivers vigilant with aromatherapy"


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via Gizmo Watch by Bharat on 7/28/09

A nap while driving can be fatal, it's the best a driver can drive himself into distraction. But at times it's just unavoidable. To counter the human inefficiency here, Nissan has developed the "Forest AC", an air conditioning system that blasts attention increasing aroma into the car to keep the driver up and steady when on the wheel. The system will find place in the Nissan Fuga scheduled to debut in Tokyo later this year.

The Forest AC using a host of sensors detects a driver's mood in course, and then depending on the frame of mind delivers aromatherapy accordingly, controlling the temperature, ventilation, humidity and aroma all by itself. Creating an optimal internal environment, the systems also emits attention enhancing perfume when it detects the drive falling into a nap. Can a pleasant aroma keep a driver up, or are we looking in for jolting and shaking mechanisms to keep us alert?

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