What can you fit on one page?

10 –powers of, ability, adoption -as natural course of child rearing, alkalinity, alphabets, anarchism, anthropocentricity, apathy, aphorisms, Apple, arguments, art, ATHF, atheism, being bored as symptom of unsatisfactoriness, being-coming-going, beliefs, biological clock bullshit, black holes, blasphemy, blogs, blue grass, BMF, Boddingtons’s, Bodhi –my canine companion, bodhisattvas, book history, bridges, Buddhism, Bukowski, capitalism –a natural system of, Charles Darwin, childfree -by vasectomy, cinema, cities, civility, classification, comics, commuting, compassion, canon powershot A95, consciousness, conversations –intellectual as much as pop cultural, creative commons, creativity, cultural imperialism, culture jamming, depression as an oppressive hulk, devil's advocacy, dilettantism –as an indicator of forced mass consumption, Douglas Adams, Dvorak, effortless superiority does not exist, electronica, elitism, emotional literacy, evolution, existentialism, Family Guy, fear –the ruling force in most lives, feminism and women’s rights, flirting, folk history, forgive, friends, game of Go, girls who are smarter than me -grrrrr, google, Guinness, Harvey Pekar, human nature, Ikea, indie, indivisibledualism, infrastructure, Information Architecture, internet, ism, invisible Japan –all of it, John Mighton, kissing, language, Last of the Mohicans, Latin, leadership –of service and ethics, legalizing drugs, liberalism, libraries, love, Macintosh, male cultural suppression of feelings, manifestos –like agile software or doors of perception, maps and gps, marriage –as an unnecessary institution for most people, martial arts, Maslow, mastery, mathematics, medical history, metric, minimalism, minutiae, misanthropy, Moby, morality, movie soundtracks, museums, names, naps, North America -before its invasion, O’ Brother Where Art Thou, offices and their furniture, open content, open source, order, Owen Massey to whom I owe the origination of thinking down an alphataxonomic list like this (As Anna Bedient would say “Google it sucka!), paradox, pasta, people-gazing, plain English, plasticity –neural and physical, play, politics, pop, pornography, power vs. force, psychoimmunology, public transport, pubs, quest –knowledge, raw food, reductive obsessive compulsive disorder or rOCD –always throwing things out and then needing them soon after, reference books, re-occurring dream of a feeling of blanketing darkness I didn’t beat in a (mythical perhaps) fight until I was 28, repetition, resistance, right makes might, Risk, rhythm and melody, Samurai, sarcasms, satire, science, sex, shoes, silence, simplicity, smugmug.com, strategy, struggle to do something of great contribution, super structures, tequila, Simpsons, solitude, space, stamps, St Luke’s –the ad agency, swearing, trichotillomania was I 14, typography, U2 is the greatest band in the world, universe, university life, usability, Victor Frankel, veganism, viscosity, vodka, wabi sabi, walking, water, word creation –like accelmerate or preshumblent, writing, Yoga, Yukio Mishima, Z.

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