So what do you think about the Open Archives Initiative?

So what do you think about the Open Archives Initiative? And user's need? Are they related?

Library Journal - Breaking Through the Invisible Web: "Mark Ludwig discusses the University at Buffalo's attempts to move its catalog content to the web's surface ... Our students would be better served by library content on persistent pages that continue to exist beyond the end of a database search. This would help them find information where they look for it-online. We can accomplish this by using web site development products that allow for publishing web sites and database packages that enable data export. We can update, change, and maintain content in background databases and still offer a persistent presence for our content on the web server. But if we want the open, visible portion of our web sites to offer meaningful content, we also have to leave our pages in the surface web so that link-following spiders can easily find and crawl through them. There are many initiatives today to bring library content to the surface web. Projects such as the Open Archives Initiative and products such as SFX seek to harvest and mine information from the depths of myriad databases. At the University at Buffalo (UB), State University of New York, we have concluded experiments that show millions of web pages can be extracted from databases-..."

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